SWT3 Wall Mount Tower Lights

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The SWT3 Wall Mount LED Tower Light is a compact surface mount andon light option. It is available in tan and chrome body color. The SWT is available in 12, 24 VDC and 110 VAC.

Model Types


 SWT-T  Continuous and Beige
 SWT-C  Continuous and Chrome
 SWTF-T  Continuous and Flashing Beige
 SWTF-C  Continuous and Flashing Chrome
 SWTZ-T  Continuous and Flashing Beige with audible alarm (85dB at 1M)
 SWTZ-C  Continuous and Flashing Chrome with audible alarm (85dB at 1M)
 SWTZ3-T  Continuous and Flashing 3 colors in 1 lens Beige
 SWTZ3-C  Continuous and Flashing 3 colors in 1 lens Chrome



  • Low profile wall mount easily attaches to walls and minimizes damage 
  • Available in tan (beige) or chrome finish T = Tan C = Chrome
  • Bright LED with a wide viewing angle 
  • LED fills double cut prism lens with diffusion filter 
  • Standard colors:
    • 2-Color: Red, Green
    • 3-Color: Red, Amber, Green
    • Available: Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White
  • SWT3 has optional full clear lens with 3 color backlit LEDs, Red, Amber, Green Only
  • Optional Built-in Buzzer: 85dB 
  • CE Approved: IP54


 Rated Voltage  Current  
 12V AC/DC   0.210A
 24V AC/DC   0.210A 
 110V AC  0.258A 
 220V AC  0.129A

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