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ST80S 80mm Tower Light

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The ST80S is a bright, stackable Strobe Tower Light is also a Strobe Stack Light since each light section can be moved up or down in the stack to meet your application.  These are industrial Xenon strobe flash tubes for production and plant floor operations and can also be used in an office environment.  

Model Types

ST80S - Strobe Tower Light w/ Pole Mount

ST80SG - Strobe Tower Light w/ Ground Mount

ST80SG - Strobe Tower Light w/ Pole Mount and buzzer (85dB)

ST80SGB - Strobe Tower Light w/ Ground Mount and buzzer (85dB)


  • Pre-wired pre-assembled with threaded poles and nut
  • Long life, high intensity Xenon technology
  • Special light refractor spreads light to fill lens
  • Vibration resistant
  • Stackable sections allow changing of color sequence
  • Flashes: 80-100/min
  • Optional audible (85 dB) alarm
  • IP42 rated
  • Standard color sequence: 1:red 2:red-green 3:red-amber-green 4:red-amber-green-blue 5:red-amber-green-blue-white
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