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120 dB+
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  • Nexus Audible Alarm Sounder 105, 110, and 120 dB Nexus Audible Alarm Sounder Dimension Drawing

    Nexus Electronic Alarm 105, 110 and 120 dB

    Features 105dB, 110dB and 120dB sound output variants Quarter turn fasteners for ease of installation First-fix, wire to base technology IP66 rated Volume control for greater flexibility - 20dB Three alarm stages  Vds approved (DC...

    $220.00 - $523.00
  • A121AX

    A121AX Recordable Electronic Sounder

    Records, Stores, and plays back user defined audio  Low Current Consumption CD Quality Reproduction Direct content storage on non-volatile memory Message Length 4x30 seconds Easy message creation with built in microphone or line-in audio...

2 of 2 Items