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ST80L 80mm Tower Light

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The ST80L LED Andon tower light is a large, 80mm diameter tower light. It is available with 1-5 light sections and 12, 24 VDC and 110, 220 VAC.

Model Types

ST80L - Continuous LED Tower Light

ST80LF - Continuous and Flashing LED Tower Light

ST80LB - Continuous LED Tower Light with buzzer (85dB)

ST80LZ - Continuous and Flashing LED Tower Light with buzzer (85dB)


  • Pre-wired pre-assembled with threaded poles and nut
  • Long life, high intensity LED technology
  • Special light refractor spreads light to fill lens
  • Vibration resistant
  • Stackable sections allow changing of color sequence
  • Flashes: 60-80/min
  • Optional audible (85 dB) alarm
  • IP23 rated
  • Standard color sequence: 1:red 2:red-green 3:red-amber-green 4:red-amber-green-blue 5:red-amber-green-blue-white


12V DC  0.110A  60-80/min 
 24V DC 0.110A  60-80/min 
110V AC  0.080A  60-80/min  
220V AC  0.040A  60-80/min  
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