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1 Inch LED Social Distancing Light with Added Controls

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  • Caution "Enter On Green Only" Interior Dock Sign
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  • A complete Red and Green Wireless LED Light System for use in Restaurants, Retail, Salons, and Service Businesses where Social Distancing is required to minimize the amount of people inside the store. Turn the Green Light on to communicate with people in the parking lot or standing in line to come inside or red to keep them waiting outside.
  • The Wireless Transmission Distance is typically 90 feet with line of sight and should pass through two or three standard interior or exterior walls of a building as a slightly shorter distance. It is designed to operate in layouts typical of most restaurants and stores.
  • The Wireless Red/Green light communicates clearly to your customers what action they should take without having someone stationed at the door to manage the process. This saves time and money while maintaining government standards for safe distancing and keeping you, your employees and customers safe.



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