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Loading Dock Signs Chock Wheels/Depart-Enter on Green

$15.00 - $24.50
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2.00 LBS

Signaworks offers 3 different signs to suit your loading dock needs:


Caution: Driver Must Chock Wheels

Remind drivers of the necessity of wheel chocks at the dock bay. Works well mounted near a wheel chock hanger. 

  • Dimensions: 10" x 14"
  • Pre-drilled corner holes for easy mounting
  • Laminated coating for extra weather protection


12" x 18" "Depart On Green Only"

Communicate your compliance. Communicate to truck drivers of when they can exit the dock bay. Used in conjunction with stop-go dock lights to give a status update of when the trailer has either been filled or emptied, and there are no personnel inside. Mounts easily with pre-drilled holes for screws. reversed callout allows for the sign to be read in a mirror. Sturdy aluminum build for long life outside.

  • Dimensions: 12" wide x 18" tall
  • 40 mil aluminum for longevity
  • High quality, long lasting 3M outdoor inks
  • Pre-punched corner holes for mounting


10" X 14" "Enter On Green Only"

Mounts on the interior of the dock bay to signal when a forklift driver can enter the trailer. Used in conjunction with a dock light system. Part of a safe entry system for clear communication between driver and dock workers. 

Dimensions: 10" wide x 14" tall

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