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Ethernet LED Tower Light with Integrated Web UI (HMI)

$375.00 - $475.00
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5.00 LBS

SignalsOnline has several series of LED Andon Tower Lights and provides technical and application support to help choose the right tower light or stack light for your industrial or lean manufacturing application.


  • The ETN56L Does NOT communicate over Allen Bradely/Rockwell Ethernet/IP Protocol.
  • LED tower light controlled by TCP/IP Ethernet communication through internet or LAN.
  • Lights have integrated Web GUI that allows the users to control the light from a browser
  • Pre-Wired, Pre-Assembled with 5 foot Ethernet Male RJ45 Cable & 12 inch Power Cable
  • Remote control and monitoring of lights and audible through use of various application programs or web browser.
  • PC setup tool for setting IP, subnet mask and gateway for each piece of equipment.PC test program and setup library available for addressing
  • Maximum of 5 LED light colors and Multiple audible alarm sounds
  • Volume (Buzzer): Max. 90dB at 1 Meter, (Melody) (Unavailable) Max 85 dB at 1 Meter
  • Protection Class: IP23


Optional Accessories (Call for Quote - Purchase Separately)

  • Direct mount versions, ST56EL-ETNB and ST56EL-ETNS come with bolts and no pole.
  • Sound options for the ST56MEL-ETNS and ST56EL-ETNS: Warning Sound (WS), Melody (WM), Alarm (WM) 4 tones each or Voice Signal.
  • Bases: Default Right angle (NT-500), Flange (NT-550) optional, Wall Mount (NT-560) optional
  • Ethernet_TowerLight_Accessories

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(WM) - Warning Melody - (Unavailable)

Channels      Melodies            Tones  
Ch. 1  Sweet Home 
Ch. 2 For Elise 
Ch. 3 Cuckoo's Waltz 
Ch. 4 Piano Sonata 
Ch. 5 Turkish March           

(WS) - Warning Sounds (Standard Product)

Channels      Sounds            Tones  
Ch. 1  Fire.A-ANG
Ch. 2 Abandon Alarm 
Ch. 3 Machinery Fault 
Ch. 4 High Expansion
Ch. 5 7 Short PI. / 1 Long  

(WA) - Warning Alarm  (Unavailable)

Channels      Alarms            Tones  
Ch. 1  Beep. intermittent
Ch. 2 Door Chime 
Ch. 3 Phone Ring
Ch. 4 PI.PI.PI. Short
Ch. 5 Tripping Beat            




2 Reviews

  • 4
    Easy setup, couple of changes needed

    Posted by Chris on Oct 9th 2019

    This light was fairly easy to set up-- basically just plug it in, download the configuration program, and you're on your way. A couple of changes I would like: Add an ethernet jack to the light and remove the built-in cable. Otherwise you have to use a switch or adapter if the connection port is further away from the light. The other change would be to the web UI. It would be nice if it would continually ping the light for the light/sound status. With our implementation, the light is not in view of the person using the web UI.

  • 5
    easy to configure

    Posted by Unknown (Verified Owner) on May 19th 2016

    This tower light is very easy to configure and use. Just send the correct TCP stream and that's it.