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Luxafor USB Busy Light

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Luxafor is an LED indicator that shows your availability and 
notifies you about important incoming information


  • Less interruptions | Show your co-workers when you should not be disturbed
  • Improved focus | Avoid disruptive chit-chat that messes up your focus
  • Higher productivity | Increase your efficiency, saving time on useless conversations
  • Maintains concentration when working on Key Projects, Design or Coding Applications
  • Studies show that it takes 24 minues to refocus your full concentration when interupted 


  • Red, Green and White LED Indicators with USB cable connects to your Mac or PC
  • Desktop PC or MAC tool for changing status 
  • Dimensions: 45 x 14 x 30 (1.77 x 0.55 x 1.18")
  • Weight: ~0.7g (without cable)
  • Light: 6x RGB Leds
  • Consumption: Up to 1W
  • USB powered
  • Charging With a standard micro USB cable
  • Cable Length: 0.5m (20") or 1.5m (~60")

Selectable Modes

01.jpg Busy - Indicates that you should not be disturbed
02.jpg Available - Indicates that you are available for conversation
03.jpg Auto mode - automatic change of modes if connected with a productivity app
04.jpg Active mode - notifies you about incoming emails, calendar reminders and more
05.jpg Advanced mode - customized modes that meet your personal preferences

Accessories & Options

  •  Custom logo creation available on bulk orders.

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