Klaxon Wide Area Motor Driven Sirens

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  • Audibility range between 106db @ 30metres for the smallest unit to 121db @ 30metres for the largest unit. Sirens in this range in increasing order of sound output are the GP6, GP10 & GP12 units.
  • 475Hz constant tone signal for the GP6 & GP10 sirens and a combined 470/560Hz constant tone signal for the GP12 siren.
  • Roughly omni-directional sound coverage which peaks in the direction of the front of the stator.
  • 400Vac +/- 10% 50Hz 3 phase nominal power supply requirement. (Alternative voltages and frequencies available on request). 
  • Operating temperature range for the standard GP6 & GP10 units of -20 to +40 degrees C, (Increased temperature range units available on request), and for the GP12 of -20 to +55 degrees C.
  • Cast aluminium & steel construction. 
  • Environmental rating of IP55.
  • If the power supply to the sirens is pulsed to enable the siren to produce a ‘wail’ tone then the maximum run time of the siren is reduced from continuous for constant tone to 15 minutes.
  • Custom built control units can be supplied to enable the siren to produce the ‘wail’ tone signal and associated controls.
  • If mounted in a climate where icing can occur the unit should be fitted with thermostatically controlled heaters.

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Model Types

 Siren Type  Motor  Current  Weight  Dimensions  Rotor (D)
 GP6  2.2kw  4.5A  52kg  460x400x440mm  400mm
 GP10  5.5kw  11A  98kg  540x490x560mm  500mm
 GP12  11kw  18A  208kg  760x500x590mm  500mm
 FP6  2.2kw  4.5A  68kg  490x394x437mm  400mm
 FP10  5.5kw  13A  80kg  614x490x555mm  500mm