Downtime Monitor

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5.00 LBS

Signaworks makes a broad range of Industrial Timers, Counter, clocks, Production Pace Timers, Cycle Timers, Downtime Monitors and can custom design a simple solution to your application.


  • Visual indicator for downtime condition
  • Incandescent or LED tower light or strobe signals downtime
  • Timer Tracks time per occurence or accumulates time for shift
  • Manual, Automatic, or keyed time reset
  • use free spreadsheet document for manual data logging & analysis
  • 110VAC via 8 foot 3 prong power cord
  • Continuous, flashing, or audible alarms

Accessories & Options

  • Flashing (F) and Buzzer (B) or both (Z) at the end of the cycle
  • Extended cable between switch and light box
  • RS485 link for logging events to pc 
  • Link monitor to supervisor, maintenance, engineering, etc
  • Optional Ethernet data logging to collect time stamp or event data - Free PC Software
  • Optional Wireless communication to bingo board or flatscreen
  • Ethernet Data Logging available with RJ45 connector 
  • Wireless Inputs or Outputs available for remote signals or data logging