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Autism Traffic Light

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The Signaworks Autism Traffic Light is designed to support the special needs of families dealing with autism in their home. Every child is different and lights can be used in different examples shown below.  Please Call and talk to Matt to discuss which one will work for you and to receive the link for Discounted Prices we have established for families.


Behavior Modification

Encouraging children towards positive behaviors based on a clearly defined reward system can reduce unwanted behavior.

You may find this link helpful:


Positive Behavior Encouragement

Using a Traffic Light to show feedback for children exhibiting positive or negative behavior can encourage a child towards positive behavior from direct visual feedback.


Clearance for Certain Activities

Having a Red/Green Light set up for activities for a child to know if it is okay to use the computer, watch tv or swim in the pool for example is helpful for children to direct them towards specific activities.



For some children, there is a calming effect in the presence of a traffic light. We have a traffic Light with switch controls that a child can use to switch between the colors. We do not know the science behind this, but it is a common theme from parents who call looking for help with their child.

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